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FAQ: I am interested in your integrative treatment of cancer. What is the difference between your approach and institutions which offer only conventional treatments?

Conventional oncology is totally focused on three things: the kind of tumor, the stage and the activity of the tumor; it neglects the patient as a whole. This you can see especially in the so called cancer conferences where various capacities of doctors discuss the strategies of a tumor treatment.
This means most of the scientists or presenters have never seen the patient only the specimen. They only offer therapies which are approved by scientific research. The medicine learned by experiences has no value for them, and that is the most significant difference. In Holistic Medicine there are so many successes yet you cannot prove your results like in scientific studies. For example a double blind study with mistletoe extracts is not possible as you cannot hide which is placebo and what is the real extract.
Coming to the point: Our therapy strategies are much more individualized; therefore, more ambitious. The addition of Holistic Medicine gives us more possibilities and more chances of recovery.

FAQ: What diagnostic would you use to determine someone's specific protocol for treatment?

First we have to complete the diagnostic to describe the stage of the tumor, its activity, and how far it has spread. Most of the patients have already made their appointments for a MRI, CT scan, and Lab tests including the tumor markers and so on. Then we have to find out the actual situation of the patients' immune system at the time; therefore, we do special lab tests, a CRT (Contact Regulation Thermography), and we are checking for many stress related misbalances for example acid-alkaline base balance.

FAQ: How often does the patient see the doctor while staying at your clinic? How long does the consultation last?

The responsibility of the clinic lies in the authority of Dr. Kalden M.D. He sees the patients for the initial consultation which lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The treatment process begins right after this first meeting. Treatments are administered Monday to Friday with a minimum of 4 days a week. It depends on the kind and intensity of the therapy used in your protocol. Commonly after about 3 days we will receive and evaluate the results of your specific lab tests.
At this time there is a longer discussion with Dr. Kalden about further and perhaps more intensive and individualized treatments.
At the end of your stay there will be a final meeting with Dr. Kalden and detailed personalized recommendations such as medication, nutrition, supplements, psychological strategies etc. will be discussed. During your stay you have the ability to get in contact with Dr. Kalden should you feel necessary.

FAQ: What would a typical days' schedule look like?

Patients start their treatments in the morning at our clinic. Each patient will have a personalized schedule. Normally the daily program lasts 3 to 5 hours; however, it could last up to 8 hours depending on the individual patient situation especially for strong chemotherapy or fever therapy.

FAQ: Do you have statistics or success rates?

We do not offer statistics or present special case reports. Statistics you could get from the University and or from the pharmacy industry. Our philosophy states that one patient differs from the other and it makes no sense to give you optimistic prognosis. The fact is that every patient must find his or her own path to health, and one of those steps could be to come to our clinic. Of course we also cannot help everyone as we are dependent on the activity and motivation of the patient.
Only good teamwork will be able to bring positive results other than what we know from conventional medicine.If you decide to undergo our treatment you must know that your decision includes your readiness to fight very ambitiously and actively against your illness. Only under these circumstances can you be successful.

FAQ: What is the recommended time for the first stay at your clinic?

From our experience we recommend to plan a stay of 12 to 14 days for the initial visit. Of course this depends on the kind of illness and treatment. Included is ten days of treatment (4 - 5 days a week). We do like to start your treatment on your day of arrival.
In rare situations a longer stay is sometimes required.

FAQ: If we have further questions or if we need support in planning our stay at your clinic where could we get help?

For all things concerning organization you could contact our International Contact Manager - Mrs. Veronica Kalden -. You can reach her by email at
She will then contact you by email, telephone, fax or Skype whatever suits your needs best.